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10 Back to School Hacks That Make Mornings Easier

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Get Organized For Back To School 

From forcing the kids out of bed to making sure they get to school on time, weekday mornings aren’t something parents typically look forward to.

When you dont have the best family morning routine, it becomes even harder to do everything in such a short amount of time.

The parental responsibilities pick back up once your kids return home from school – after all, someone needs to make sure they do their homework! Since most of a child’s life revolves around their education, much of your parenting responsibilities revolve around it, too.

These school day hacks will prepare you and your family for the start of a new year. Establishing good habits from the start will make the school year easier for everyone! So keep reading for the best back to school tips. 


Get Organised For Back To School

How To Get Organized For Back To School

What’s a family command center? It’s an organized accountability system that blends in perfectly with your home décor.

You can make one using whiteboards, chalkboards, and corkboards.

Alternatively, you can buy one from Bed, Bath and Beyond. Get some inspiration for a DIY command center here!

Remember to buy Expo markers, chalk, thumbtacks, and magnets to go with your command center.

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Hold every child in your family accountable with printable morning routine trackers!

Each morning, have one ready for your child. They’ll have to complete each task before they can move it to the “completed” section of the chart.

If you don’t trust them to be honest about the tasks they’ve done, make them go to you before they can mark off a task as complete.

Offer a small reward each week for kids who finish everything on time!

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Your kids will save time searching for the right outfit for the day if they’re already prepared for them!

Each week, have your child pre-select 5 complete outfits. They’ll need a top, bottoms, socks, and underwear.

Then, have them select special outfits for things like gym class or a field trip.

Organize your child’s drawer as though it were a filing cabinet (see the hack here).

They’ll still have the freedom to choose their own outfits without messy, rushed outfit planning!

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Let’s be real: kids get a lot of handouts, and they create clutter quickly.

Before the school year starts, get filing folders to organize the paperwork you can expect to pile up on your kitchen table.

You’ll need to account for school notices, your child’s artwork, graded assignments, and anything else you typically get. You’ll also want a folder for extracurriculars, religion school, and any other activities that accumulate handouts.

Until schools finally get the hint that it’s time to go digital, download a free paperwork decluttering guide here!

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Instead of asking them over and over again if they have any homework, simply check their planner at the end of the day to hold them accountable!

A planner will also keep honest kids on track - they might otherwise forget about their assignments.

Instead of buying your child an expensive planner, you can print out this one for free!

If your child is older, they might also be interested in bullet journaling. This system lets a decorate your planner, doodle, and add trackers that suit the user’s personal needs. If your child will use it, a blank bullet journal is a great investment!

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Save time in the morning by preparing school lunches in advance!

Make meals that can be refrigerated for 2-3 days and place them in plastic Tupperware containers.

Since not every school allows students to use their microwave, make sure the meals don’t need to be heated up.

When it’s time to send your kids to school, simply put the container in their lunchbox. You’ll save so much time! 

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Do you write notes for your kids to take to school with them?

Save time by typing them out and printing them ahead of time!

These free printable notes are cute and colorful, making them great for simple messages.

If you want to write a more personal message each day, you can type those out ahead of time, too!

Include fun games like word searches and crossword puzzles from activity books to make lunchtime fun.

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Essential oils can greatly improve sleep, focus, and anxiety.

Find a set of oils to combat your family’s kryptonite. If your children feel groggy in the morning, put a few drops of citrus oil on the shower floor to wake them up. If they can’t fall asleep at night, put a lavender diffuser in their room.

To help your kids focus during homework and study time, place a lemon, rosemary, or peppermint diffuser wherever they do their work.

You’ll be amazed at the results!

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Get your kids into their bedtime routine before school begins!

Start by determining how early you need to wake up in the morning (remember, it’ll probably be earlier than your kids). Then, figure out what time everyone needs to be in bed to ensure that they get enough hours of sleep.

Work your way towards that suitable bedtime by following these tips!

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Every year, parents get a big list of school supplies.

Between the binders, folders, and art supplies, one child’s shopping list can exceed your budget for the whole family.

Walmart and Target are inexpensive, but dollar stores have even better deals!

Here are some of the best deals at Dollar Tree, though you could probably find them at any dollar store.

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You might not be able to get rid of all the stress of a weekday morning or a school night, but you can make it easier by keeping your family organized.

By using organization systems in your refrigerator, and your child’s backpack, and every room in your home, it will be easier to finally get kids to school on time. That leaves more “me time” for Mommy!

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