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How to Organize Your Home with A Command Center

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If you haven’t heard of a command center yet then let me introduce you to an organization tip that is going to change your life!

No matter if you are a busy mom wondering how to organize a family, or a student organizing your studies, a home command center is the best way to keep every part of your life decluttered and organized.


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What Is A Command Center?


A command center is a dedicated space that keeps track of daily tasks, paperwork, and activities.

It is one place for all the important things!

You can put a command center anywhere in your home but I suggest you put it in an area that is easy access and everyone in the home sees it often.

You could have a Kitchen command center, on a desk, on a small unused wall, even in a closet command center!


How To Make A Command Center At Home



The best way to make a command center for home is firstly choosing a convenient and easy location. Think about where you have an unused space and where you pass frequently during the day. 

Next, the command center needs to be equipped with a home for everything. This means you need organization supplies like clips, baskets and filing systems. 

This space can get cluttered very easily and then won’t work for organizing your life.  You need to keep this space decluttered. 

Some Ideas For A Command Center


Supplies To Make A Command Center For The Home


It’s so simple to make a DIY command center. And the best part is that you can easily make one without breaking the budget.

Here are some of my favorite home command centre supplies:

One of the best family command center products is an Erasable Wall Calendar

To Keep paperwork organized try these great wall files

Another great idea for family command center supplies is a pinboard

Keep all the small things organized with clips

To-do lists and chore decals. These make it so easy to stay organized. 



Command Center Ideas

Find some of the best command centers. From the Parent Command Center you need to the best kitchen command center and more.


Command Center Ideas

Photo Credit: http://www.thecaldwellproject.com

This beautiful command center has brilliant wall organizer ideas that look amazing as well as being functional.

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Command Center For Small Area

Photo Credit: www.interiorsbysarahlangtry.com

A wall calendar organizer system that keeps all the important parts of your life organized and in one place.

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How to Easily Build a Command Center

Photo Credit: www.simplyseptember.com

This family command center diy shows you it doesn't have to be expensive to look amazing! I love the mail organizer ideas.

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Parent Command Center for Busy Moms

Photo Credit: aileencooks.com

This parents command center has everything to keep the whole family organized.

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Central Command Center

Photo Credit: www.jennaburger.com

An easy family organization wall! Such a great way to use a small wall space for organization.

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Family Command Center

Photo Credit: miniowls.com

I love all the personal touches in this family organization center.

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Family Command Center - Organized and Updated

Photo Credit: homemadelovely.com

One of the best home command center ideas is to have it in a highly used part of the home. Having it near your front entrance like this command centre is a brilliant idea.

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Command Center Closet

Photo Credit: thehappyhousie.porch.com

If you only have a small home, one of the best family command center ideas, is to use a cupboard or a closet. This would also make a great student command center.

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DIY Pretty File Folders {Command Center Project}

Photo Credit: thehomesihavemade.com

This family command centre has it all! From family wall calendar organizer to individual buckets to make sure the space stays clutter free.

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Kitchen Command Center

Photo Credit: atcharlotteshouse.com

The kitchen is such a central spot in your home, making it perfect for a command centre. I love the extra idea of the kitchen message center here.

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Command Centre For Kitchen

Photo Credit: www.achievingcreativeorder.com

A command centre doesn't have to big or fancy! This simple command centre is effective and is how to keep paperwork decluttered.

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How to Create a Command Center That Works for Your Family

Photo Credit: www.unoriginalmom.com

Use a home mail organizer to keep all your paperwork and mail organized. Never forget to pay a bill again!

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Family Command Center Ideas

Photo Credit: hisugarplum.com

This command center for a small space is perfect for that unused corner of your home.

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Family Organization Ideas

Photo Credit: www.onecreativehousewife.com

This amazing command centre has everything! I love the use of empty picture frames for keeping notes.

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Kitchen Command Center ~ Finally!

Photo Credit: theclayfamilyblog.blogspot.com

I love the children's chore list on this command center. A great way for the kids to get involved in keeping organized.

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