How to avoid bed bugs spreading from your luggage into your home

How To Avoid Bed Bugs During Travel

What to do to prevent bedbugs while traveling Bedbugs have experienced a population explosion in the recent years but they are not the type of souvenir travelers would like to bring home from vacation.  These non-flying insects live in cracks and crevices and especially love mattresses and bedding. They feed on human or animal blood … Read More


Easy 5 Minute Homemaking Tasks For Better Housekeeping

 Easy 5-minute Homemaking Ideas Although we would all love to have a cleaner come spring clean the house for us, someone to cook and make the beds, it is often a luxury we can’t really afford.  Luckily there are some super easy homemaking tasks that can be done in only 5 minutes. Making it easy to keep on top … Read More

Home Smell Good Plants

How To make Your House Smell Good With Fragrant Indoor Plants

Want to know how to make your home smell good? Try these beautiful fragrant indoor plants for a brilliant way to make your home smell good naturally! If you are looking for a way to scent your home naturally without the toxins and chemicals found in some air fresheners and scented candles then indoor plants that … Read More

plants for indoor air quality

Low Maintenance Indoor Plants That Clean The Air

 We share the best indoor plants for clean air! These house plants leave the air cleaner in your home and healthier.  Did you know that we now spend on average 90% of our time indoors! According to The EPA our indoor spaces often have up to 5 times higher concentrations of some pollutants than outdoors.  You can help … Read More