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Planner Supplies Organization – How To Organize Planner Supplies

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Organize planner supplies

Need planner organization ideas? In this post I will share 11 planner supplies organization ideas to help you get your planners and pens in order!

Regardless of the fact that you may prefer a specific planner, be that a Happy Planner, an Erin Condren Planner or a Bullet Journal, most planners will have one similar problem: storing planner supplies.

With planning, comes supplies. The endless addiction to pens, washi tape, planner accessories such as stickers and other office stationery makes the organized planner have to come up with creative ways to keep all that planner stuff, well, organized.

Today I am sharing some storage ideas that I hope will inspire you to keep your planner supply always in order and enable you to have many hours of happy planning!

Planner Supplies Organization Ideas

How to organize planner supplies - 11 planner storage solutions
and ways to help you organize your planner supplies.

Washi Tape Organization

This is a cool IKEA hack from Diary of a Journal Planner. If you have a Variera Spice Jar Tray in your house you can consider making this easy Washi Tape Storage in your drawers.

The width of the tray is perfect for washi tape roll sizes, it is a perfect fit. The material is also easy to cut so you can adjust the length and make it fit with no difficulty.

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I don't know about you but I have a huge amount of washi tape - i love them so much! But for a long time I didn't know how to display them all at once.

This round washi tape dispenser is perfect for collectors of washi tape rolls. You can even stack them up to get more tape organized!

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Perhaps you have seen these useful washi tape rings around but this one takes organizing to a whole different level!

They are so cute and will add a bling touch to your decor but you can also hang them up on planner carts. Check it out at Wildly Blessed.

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Notebook and Journal Organization

This is a great way to display all of your notebooks using the Ikea Kallax Cube Shelves.

The great thing about using the Kallax Shelves is that they also give you counter top space.

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Another great Ikea hack for the wall. This handy BEKVÄM spice rack is perfect to organize your notebooks and journals on the wall.

Read more on the Bondville Blog.

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Planner Sticker Storage

Planning stickers are super useful to decorate your planner and also to help you organize your events/tasks in your notebook. However, they are the easiest thing to keep organized because the sets comes in different sizes and quantities.

You can check out Wendaful blog to learn 10 different ways to organize your planner stickers.

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Pens and markers storage ideas

There is something gratifying in looking at all the pens organized by color.

If you have a huge collection of pens just like @beautybystarlet you will want to get some of these stackable pen organizers.

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This cute acrylic display storage is the bomb!

It is great to see all the color of pens and stationery without having to open or move anything. i love this set up from @pinkrabbit_blog.

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Peg boards are amazing for organization. You can literally organize any room with pegboards, from garage to sewing room.

I love how Sweet Red Poppy organized her craft supplies here, which is a great inspiration if you are looking to get your planner space organized too.

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Great tote storage to keep your marker pens organized and portable.

This idea from Teesha's Circus is simple and super convenient. You can storage and carry a large quantity of tools in the inner and side pockets.

It is also multi purpose, you can carry all sort of
materials and tools.

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Creative storage option using a Raskog cart

If you don't have a designated planning area then this is the best way to store and transport your planning supplies through your house.

These RÅSKOG Utility carts are inexpensive and a great little tool to help you keep organized and mobile with all the supplies you need for your daily planning or bullet journaling.

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As you see there are many creative ways and hacks to get all your planner tools and accessories in order and be super organized, especially fi you have limited space.

Do you have any hacks on how to keep your planner supplies organized? let me know in comments below.


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how to organize your planners supplies - 11 great planner supplies organization ideas

Organization Planner Ideas

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