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9 Easy DIY Bathroom Hacks You Need To Try

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Best DIY Bathroom Hacks to keep it clean and organized

Tired of a dirty and disorganized bathroom? Try these clever DIY bathroom hacks to have a room your are proud of!

A messy, disorganized bathroom is never fun. Nobody wants a shampoo bottle falling on their head as they shower!

Bathrooms don’t just tend to get messy – they often get downright dirty.

That’s not hard to envision, considering what goes on in there. As much as we try to stay on top of cleaning the bathroom, things can still get out of hand.

These cleaning and organization hacks will help you reclaim your bathroom. You’ll be able to restore your bathroom’s cleanliness and prevent it from getting that bad again.

Get your family on board with using these products and organization systems – you don’t want to do all the work by yourself!

So, what are some good bathroom hacks that you can do yourself? Read on for the best DIY projects for tiny bathroom organization, store and space decorating ideas.

DIY Bathroom hacks for cleaning and organizing
DIY bathroom hacks to keep it clean and organized


Best bathroom hacks you’ll want to share with everyone

DIY Bathroom Hacks To Use At Home

Here are some hacks to keep our bathroom sparkling clean in less than 15 minutes.

Typical cleaning agents aren’t always safe for families. Many window cleaners contain 2-Butoxyenathol, which causes a sore throat when inhaled.

Ammonia is also present in many bathroom cleaners, like glass cleaner and polishing agents. Mixed with bleach, this chemical creates a poisonous gas. Even when it isn’t, it strongly affects those with asthma and breathing problems.

That chlorine in your toilet bowl cleaner and mildew remover? It’s a respiratory irritant and can be a thyroid disruptor. Yikes!

That is why it's best to use natural cleaners to make your bathroom safe and clean. Click here for some natural cleaning agents you can use! 

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As mentioned above the risks associated using toxic bathroom cleaners can be alleviated by making your own products. By using natural ingredients, you’ll be able to keep your family safer.

This easy tutorial will teach you how to make reusable cleaning wipes that you can use to clean your bathroom vanity and cabinet, shelves, tower rack hangs, counter space, shower curtain and wall.

These are the best natural disinfecting wipes for your pocket and the environment.

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Looking for creative ways to store your bathroom items and keep your bathroom organized and functional?

If you have random materials lying around, you can use them to create a bathroom storage system!

You can also hit up a local thrift store or yard sale to get some inspiration for design ideas that are affordable.

A metal wall piece (like a planter) can be used to store bathroom essentials, like extra toilet paper.

Decorate your storage unit to fit your bathroom’s décor scheme – your options are endless! 

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Whose bathroom drawers are a mess? After trying out this organization hack, yours certainly won’t be!

This system is simple – instead of throwing items into your drawers, use small plastic bins to separate things like toothbrushes, floss, and other things you’d need to store.

Specially if you have a small bathroom you have to optimize the space.

Your essentials will be easier to find when you need them, and you’ll likely have more room in your drawers. 

If this hack works well in your bathroom, try using it with your bedroom drawers! You’ll likely need larger bins, but the concept would remain the same.

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Everyone can use some small bathroom storage ideas, even if you have more space.

Check your bathroom cabinets. You probably have items that expired years ago in there! You may even find things you didn’t know you had.

Take everything out, get rid of what you don’t need, then group similar items together. Store commonly used items on the shelves that are the easiest to reach.

You can also add a liner to your cabinets to make them easier to clean. No one likes a moldy cabinet!

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Use mason jars to store small, loose items like cotton balls, bobby pins etc.

If there’s no room in your drawers or cabinets, use a longboard or another piece of wood to hang them.

The result is an organization system that looks like something you’d find at Home Goods or Hobby Lobby! And because it hangs on the wall it gives you more storage space.

You can even replicate this project on a smaller scale for bathroom sink necessities.

If you always have your floss or Q-tips on top of the sink, simply toss them in a mini mason jar and hang it from a smaller piece of wood!

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Essential oils can be just as effective as household cleaners! Even though oregano doesn’t smell very pleasant, it kills germs effectively.

Just mix it with a better smelling oil to keep your bathroom from smelling like a pizzeria. You can also use pine oil and peppermint oil instead of Pine-Sol.

This post here has amazing essential oil ideas for your bathroom.

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When your grout is dirty, it can make your whole bathroom look dirty.

It’s not easy to clean your grout, though – it can take more time and physical energy than you have.

Thankfully, there’s an easier way. Invest in a brush specifically designed for cleaning grout, and make a grout cleaner using products you probably already have at home.

This post teaches you how to make a spray mixture for your tiles. Just apply it to the grout, wait a few minutes, and start scrubbing!

It's one of the best time saving and beneficial bathroom cleaning hacks I have seen. Check out this post to find out out more!

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Here's one of the best toilet hacks because nobody likes cleaning the toilet.

Instead of using a toilet scrubber, you can make toilet fizzies that keep your hands off the toilet bowl!

The all-natural ingredients work together to keep your toilet bowl sparkling clean. The citrus kills mold and mildew, the hydrogen peroxide disinfects, and the baking soda neutralizes smells.

If you’re looking for your next practical craft project, you’ve just found it!

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This is one of the best bathroom shower hack!

If you have young kids, you know the struggle of keeping their toys out of the tub.

Bath toy containers or a diy shower caddy have a habit of getting knocked over, thus defeating their purpose entirely.

A hanging system is more effective. And since the bag is designed to go in the washing machine with your laundry, you can easily clean it every few days!

Check this post out to learn how to hang up this bag in your shower room.

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When spaces in our homes are cleaner, life is a little bit easier.

We save time by not tearing apart the house to look for one specific item. We don’t gag when we walk into the bathroom.

We aren’t exposed to toxic chemicals that are just as bad as the bacteria they kill. With simple, yet effective tidying hacks, all of this becomes possible – and not just for a few days. 

Use your next free day to implement some of these hacks in each bathroom in your home. It’ll likely be the last time you spend that much time cleaning the bathrooms!


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bathroom hacks to keep it clean and organized

Easy DIY Hacks for bathroom

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